When are meeting held?

Every 2nd Wednesday morning. We get together at 6:45 am and order our breakfast in the bar area and network, and commence the meeting in a private function room at 7am. We usually conclude around 8:15 - 8:30 am.

How long do I join for?

Membership is for one year, and commences on the date the annual fee is paid.

What if I can't attend a meeting?

You are expected to attend every meeting, however if a business or personal event makes it difficult, you are welcome to send a long a team member to take your place in the meeting you can’t attend. Please text or email one of the Committee Members by the Monday prior to the meeting.

Do I have to provide referrals?

We all value receiving referrals, which is a key purpose of joining a networking group. However unlike other groups, it is not considered mandatory. We prefer that our members get to know like and trust each other first, before recommending to others.

What do my fees cover?

The fees cover the cost of administering the meeting, along with marketing and website hosting. We also may contribute funds to certain training sessions or business promotion opportunities from time to time.

Do you have any rules on joining other groups?

We understand that our members will be required to or want to join professional groups associated with their industry. However, we do have a policy that our members do not belong to other local networking groups within the Logan region whilst they are an active member of RBCNG.

Am I required to give a presentation?

We do ask that each member provides a short one- or two-minute overview at every meeting, to bring members up to date with news about the business, their offerings, their clients and any current events or changes in their business sector. Members can also volunteer to deliver a more formal 30-minute presentation at one of the meetings during the year. This is encouraged, but not compulsory.