Real Business Connections Networking Group is for like-minded people looking to improve what they currently do by sharing ideas and business connections.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment, where local business owners can get to know each other and develop trust, without having the pressure of strict rules and quotas.

Our members consist of a diverse range of industry leaders and specialists, each bringing unique insight into their field of business.

The Committe

President and Co-Founder

michael wardlaw

Michael Wardlaw

Licensed Sale Agent - House Property Agents, Springwood

Treasurer and Co-Founder

Sandra Hansen

Sandra Hansen

CEO, South Queensland Air Conditioning

How we like to operate

Informal meeting format

RBCNG meetings are run in a welcoming and informal way. We start at 6:45 am with a friendly coffee and commence the session at 7 am. Everyone can say a few words about what is going on in their business and industry and seek ideas or help if required. A presentation or training from a guest or a current member follows this. We ensure that the presenter is given enough time to deliver value and answer questions

Local business owners

Our members are non-competitive owners or managers of local businesses, who are committed to developing business relationships and supporting each other. We expect each member to operate an ethical business, and to be open and authentic with each other so that respect and trust flows. We encourage our members to share knowledge and referrals, and provide support, with the expectation to receive the same.

Empowering presentations

Successful business leaders are those who welcome the opportunity to increase their knowledge and learn new skills. It’s important that we all spend time working on our business (not just in it), and that we make informed decisions. We provide our members with the opportunity to deliver training, and welcome specialist guest speakers whom we believe will deliver presentations beneficial to the professional development of our members.

Commitment and participation

We expect our members to attend every meeting, if possible. Of course, we understand that occasionally business or family events, or health issues, can preclude attendance. If absences become regular, then the Committee will review and decide if membership will continue. Commitment also means proactive participation in meetings and genuine interest and support for helping each other to learn and grow.

Ongoing referrals

Although we all welcome referrals, we do not insist that members give referrals at every meeting, as happens at other groups. There are no quotas. We prefer that our members get to know each other and build authority, credibility, and trust. Once trust is earned, referrals follow, as our members have experienced over time. We expect our members will do everything they can to deliver prompt and outstanding service when they do receive referrals.

Guests welcome

We welcome guests to attend one of our meetings to find out what it’s all about, and to determine if we are a good fit for each other. If you would like to attend as a guest, or with an existing member, please first check that you do not operate a business that is in direct competition with one of our existing members, as we do only accept one representative from each industry segment. See Members page for current openings.

Our membership process and fees

When you attend one of our meetings as a guest, it gives you and us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. If we agree we’re a good fit for each other, then you will be offered the opportunity to join RBCNG as a member.

Our fees are only $440 per year.

Our members pay low membership fees annually which are used to cover the costs of administration and marketing activities. We are a non-profit group and provide full financial transparency to all members.

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